Beautiful work by Claire Bellia, an amazingly talented illustrator I had the pleasure of
studying for my degree with. Everyone should commission her because she's awesome!
Viscom Yearbook 2011 spread. Helped design this as part of a 5 person team.
You can view the whole project on my portfolio.

I finished my degree just recently so here's a photo of me putting up my show and of my girlfriend and myself. Feels odd to have finished but have a job and internship to look forward to. Also look for freelance work so you know... get in contact.
Visited Saltaire with Nancy over the weekend and spent ages in their amazing book shop being inspired by all the incredible cover designs.
John Jay of Weiden & Kennedy on creativity and needing to stay in touch with the real world.

Finally launching this project - Signs of Affection.
Currently looking for submissions of little positive phrases to base designs upon.
Working on UI design for an iPhone app currently.

Branding and packaging for Nancy Straughan, printed textile designer.
Looking forward to getting these printed and photographed properly.
Trying to make the most of the good weather whilst we have it by working outside.
Visited Tynemouth and the flea market again yesterday buying presents for a friend.
Spent a week in London interning at Whatever Projects.
Learned a lot and am now working on various projects with them remotely.

2011/03 Mike Monteiro | F*ck You. Pay Me. from SanFrancisco/CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

Great for anyone running a creative services business. Really interesting commentary from the lawyer.

Working on new prints for 20x200.
Packaging I did for Laqa & Co.
Currently being sold online and in various boutiques.

Poster that needed designed super quickly this morning. Loving icons at the moment.

Turns out garage doors are beautiful. Shot in Jesmond, Newcastle.
I had the most amazing afternoon at the fashion studio of Nigel Cabourn speaking to a few people with Nancy.
Beautiful studio and even more beautiful clothes.

Son Lux - Making of: "We Are Rising" Album Artwork by The Made Shop from Oleg Kalyan.

Really awesome making of video for Son of Lux's new album, lovely to see the art direction in action.

Rather in love with some of these pieces from Zara s/s 2011. Need to get a suit jacket quick smart.
A very limited number of my screen-prints will be for sale
at the upcoming Not.In shop, retailing at £12 I believe.
In the process of designing the identity of Jodie Curley, textile designer and craft maker.
Really enjoying the back and forth design process and can't wait to get on with designing her blog, letterhead etc.

I was lucky enough to attend the Manchester Design Symposium a few weeks back
with speakers Si Scott, Johnathan Barnbrook, Bruno Maag and Tom Dorresteijn.
A really wonderful few hours listening to their individual interpretations of the value of design.
Career affirming stuff.
Just came across Matthias Heiderich when searching through Visuelle.
The photos above come from his Winter Berlin series, his others are equally beautiful and atmospheric.
My girlfriend, Nancy Straughan, took these beautiful photographs today
when we were sticking hair to signage and origami cranes to lamposts.
More signs going up. Learning learning.
If signage wasn't designed would you still listen to it?
Appropriating advertisements from 80s Vogue; advertising and context.
Sample for my degree's yearbook. Got to pitch with my designer friends and then develop it as a team.

Wonderful post from Swissmiss about her friend Chris Glass who redesigned his barbers window sign. Graphic designs reason for existence explained in two images. This made me incredibly happy:
Re-contextualising advertising copy. Not sure if this works quite yet.
On-going identity for photographer Emily Adamson.

Fashion shoot with stylist Eva Vostroknutova from Oleg Kalyan.

Beautiful video from a Russian fashion shoot, incredible colours. Found at
I've been collecting little bits of type that I love including vintage milk tops, penguin classics and type sample books.
Visited the George Shaw show at the Baltic, Newcastle today. His paintings are some of the best I've
ever seen, painted with enamel model paint which makes the exhibition smell of my childhood.
In Newcastle for a couple of days this reading week. Went to this incredible vintage/antique/import
store called 'RE' with Nancy and her mum. Fell in love with the store and almost everything in it.
This post an the previous two are just a few things that we saw, need to go back and buy it all.
Beautiful video and sentiment. This is what creativity is all about.
Learned all about heat pressing disperse prints onto metal today.
Incredibly excited to start making some metal signs in the very near future.
Alex Sickling is in 2nd year studying Visual Communication at Leeds College of Art.
I saw this work at a recent viscom exhibition, awesome response to the royal wedding.
Can't wait to see more of her work.
Great typo/photographic project from Kid Grandios over on Flickr. His other work with Cinema4d is great too:
Getting on identity proposal for Young Curators exhibition at Leeds Art Gallery.
Just about finished the 3rd chapter of my dissertation. One more to go and then a few days of editing and finishing. Will upload it to this blog for download as a PDF once it's finished.

It's about the Situationists, The Society of the Spectacle and the Contra-Spectacle.
Very informative research and a really amazing inspiration for Signs of Affection etc.

Graphic design can change your life from Edenspiekermann.

Really great video about type and graphic design. Some nice advice and funny moments.

New designs for Signs of Affection
Experimental type for upcoming Leeds Art Gallery exhibition.
Etsy shop is now available to buy prints from:
Wonderful video showing the process of creating a magazine.
Very inspired by the amount of hand crafted elements that go in this issue.

Nick Campbell - The Creative Gap: Becoming Better Than Most from n9ve on Vimeo.

Brilliant video and utterly true.
Incredibly beautiful photography by Jay Maude
Flag was gone within half an hour and the sign was painted over 3 months later

The time it snowed and it was beautiful
Bought a beautiful new shirt today to celebrate the wonderful responses that I've been getting
for Signs of Affection after DesignSponge featured it on their lovely website. Thanks guys!